About Us

About Us


We are a leading producer and distributor of high-quality biodiesel in North America. We take pride in consistently delivering top-quality biodiesel to our diverse, growing customer base for over 15 years. Our commitment to efficient operations and sustainable practices has earned us a reputation as the reliable Gulf Coast supplier of clean-burning, low carbon, biodiesel. Choose RBF for all your biodiesel needs and experience the benefits of a trusted partner in the renewable energy industry.

Our Team

Mike Reed


Mindy Foti


Shelley Clark


Chrissy Backiel

SVP, Sales & Supply Chain

Amol More

VP, Strategy Development

Kyle Ball

VP, Supply & Marketing

Dustin Ringler

Plant Manager

Ron Smith

HSE Manager

Our Biofuels


ASTM D6751 is a standard specification for biodiesel fuel blend stock (B100) for middle distillate fuels. This specification outlines the requirements and test methods for pure biodiesel (B100) used as a blending component or as a fuel in diesel engines.

EN 14214 is a European standard that sets the specifications for biodiesel as a blend component in diesel fuel. The standard specifies the requirements and test methods for biodiesel used as a fuel in compression-ignition engines.

Our Certifications


BQ-9000 is a voluntary quality program for the biodiesel industry. It was established by the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) in the United States to help ensure that biodiesel produced and marketed in North America meets high-quality standards.

Orthodox Union Certified

Kosher certified glycerin is glycerin that has been produced and processed according to Jewish dietary laws, known as kashrut.

Our Facility


Renewable Biofuels (RBF) is proud to operate the largest biodiesel production facility in North America at Port Neches, TX. Strategically located with access to a deepwater port, major rail line, and in close proximity to major petroleum refineries, our Port Neches facility has been operational since 2008.

This state-of-the-art facility features two parallel process units for efficient pretreatment and transesterification of multiple feedstocks, and is certified under the BQ9000 program. To date, the Port Neches Facility has produced over one billion gallons of ASTM D6751 compliant biodiesel, setting the standard for quality and reliability in the renewable energy industry. With more than 17 million gallons of storage capacity and access to a deepwater port with a 42′ draft, rail access via the KCS line, and close proximity to several major refineries and terminals, the Port Neches site is strategically positioned to serve biodiesel feedstock and blendstock markets with unmatched efficiency.

Moreover, RBF’s integration with Indorama’s olefins and oxides complex in Port Neches, Texas allows us to leverage Indorama’s existing infrastructure and capture additional benefits for our customers. Choose RBF as your trusted partner for reliable, high-quality biodiesel production and distribution.


Quality& Analysis

Learn more about our Port Neches Biodiesel Laboratory Facility Q&A testing programs below.


  • ICP/OES (trace metal analysis)

  • GC/FID (Methyl Ester Content, Free and Total Glycerin, Fatty Acid Profiling,..)
  • Wet Chemistry (FFA, Acid Number, Iodine Value,…)
  • Sulfur Analysis

  • Oxidation Stability

  • In-process Near Infra Red Spectroscopy

  • Moisture
  • Cloud Point

  • Flash Point

  • UV/VIS


  • ASTM D6751 and EN 14214 Quality Standard Testing
  • Contamination

  • Quality Management for Process Control
  • Trace Analysis

  • NOPA Specifications for Feedstock Quality Control (AOCS Methodology)
  • Fuel Quality Management
  • No Flow Studies

  • Feed-oil Blending Analysis and Production Prediction
  • Research & Development

  • Composition Property Performance