RBF owns and operates the BQ9000 certified, multi-feedstock RBF Port Neches Facility - the largest biodiesel production facility in North America - which became operational in December 2008. RBF has been serving wholesale biodiesel customers for over 10 years and has, in that time, developed a reputation for consistently and efficiently delivering the highest quality biodiesel.

Port Neches Facility

The Port Neches Facility, the largest biodiesel production facility in the US, consists of two parallel process units for pretreatment and transesterification. The biodiesel production facility became operational in December of 2008 and has produced over one billion gallons of ASTM D6751 compliant biodiesel. With more than seventeen million gallons of storage capacity, along with a deepwater port (42’ draft), rail access (KCS line) and proximity to several major refineries and terminals, the Port Neches site has unprecedented access to biodiesel feedstock and biodiesel blendstock markets. Integration with Indorama’s olefins and oxides complex in Port Neches, Texas, allows Renewable Biofuels to capture the benefits of Indorama’s existing infrastructure.


Port Neches - Biodiesel Laboratory Facility

Analysis Program:

  • ICP/OES (trace metal analysis)

  • GC/FID (Methyl Ester Content, Free and Total Glycerin, Fatty Acid Profiling,..)

  • Wet Chemistry (FFA, Acid Number, Iodine Value,...)

  • Sulfur Analysis

  • Oxidation Stability

  • In-process Near Infra Red Spectroscopy

  • Moisture

  • Cold Filter Plugging Point

  • Cold Flow Properties

  • Cloud Point

  • Flash Point

  • UV/VIS

Quality Program:

  • ASTM D6751 and EN 14214 Quality Standard Testing

  • Contamination

  • Quality Management for Process Control

  • Trace Analysis

  • Oxidation Stability

  • NOPA Specifications for Feedstock Quality Control (AOCS Methodology)

  • Fuel Quality Management

  • Cold Flow Studies

  • Research & Development

  • Feed-oil Blending Analysis and Production Prediction

  • Composition Property Performance



  • Mike Reed | CEO
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  • Mindy Foti | CCO

  • Shelley Clark | CAO

  • Chrissy Backiel | SVP, Supply Chain


  • Greg Godfrey | Plant Manager
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  • Dustin Ringler | Operations Manager

  • Ron Smith | HSE Manager

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