Renewable Biofuels

Port Neches Biodiesel Production Facility

The Port Neches Facility, the largest biodiesel production facility in the US, consists of two parallel process units for pretreatment, transesterification and distillation. The biodiesel production facility became operational in December of 2008 and has produced millions of gallons of ASTM 6751 compliant biodiesel. With more than seventeen million gallons of storage capacity, along with a deepwater port (40’ draft), rail access (KCS line) and proximity to several major refineries and terminals, the Port Neches site has unprecedented access to biodiesel feedstock and biodiesel markets. Integration with Huntsman’s olefins and oxides complex in Port Neches allows Renewable Biofuels to capture the benefits of Huntsman's existing infrastructure.


RBF Port Neches Biodiesel Production Facility


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